Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Ups and Downs of Writing

December and the start of January represented a great period for me and my writing, with three acceptances in a row, all short stories of 3000 words plus. Woohoo!!

Since I started writing seriously in late 2005, this is the best month I've had in this crazy adventure through the carnival.

And then, bang-bang-bang - three rejections in a row in January, just to bring me back down to Earth...

They were those frustratingly positive rejections, but rejections none-the-less. Still, I'll take 3 acceptances out of six submissions any day.

As for the novel, well, the synopsis caused me a few headaches, but with the help of two wonderful ladies - Kim Wilkins and Josephine Pennicott - I do believe I've finished it. I should be ready to launch the novel into the world of publishers within the next week or two. Frightening...

Here's a little bit of incentive - Dr. Seuss's first children's book was rejected by 23 publishers. The 24th sold 6 million copies.


Brian G Ross said...

You should always be gettin' more rejections than acceptances, Marty (at our level, anyway). If you are hittin' more markets than you're missin' I think you are probably aimin' too low. Set your sights a little higher and fire again.


Marty Young said...

Yeah, you know, you're probably right. For some reason, I tend to hold back from submitting to professional paying mags.