Friday, February 13, 2009

My love/hate relationship with mankind

Sometimes I love being human. Most times I hate being human.

It's a shame it takes something as terrible as the Vic bushfires to bring out the best in us. But wow, how good can we be when the situation calls for it? I've been brought to tears by how compassionate people can be.

And it's equally as fucking terrible that during such times, the real assholes of humanity float to the top. To them I guess an opportunity is an opportunity.

Can you believe it? Looting. Fake charity collectors. At a time like this! And lets not even talk about the wankers that started the fires...

Urgh. Okay, got that out of my system. And I held back, too. You should hear me ranting and raving in the privacy of my study.

Okay, on a happier note. The key word--well, one of them--this summer is koalas. Some fantastic photos going around at the moment about these poor buggers coming to us for water. Cripes, it must be hot if they're doing that (I just hope they can tell the assholes from the rest). So let's end on a happy note:


Felicity Dowker said...

Yeah, that's one of my faves from the koala photos currently circulating. I love how stoned and blissed out that koala-dude the lolling tongue!