Thursday, March 05, 2009

Time Travel - yep, sure is possible

I'm off to Hawaii tonight at 6pm and will arrive at Honolulu at 6:45am. Same day.

It's a 10 hour flight (groan... hope they've got decent movies) but I'll end up arriving before I've even gotten out of bed. Which works out well for me because I'm awfully forgetful.

"Uh, hello?"
"Hey, Marty man, sorry to wake you."
"Who's this?"
"It's me--well, us. I'm you."
"It's Hawaiin Marty here."
"Listen, I know I don't exist in your world yet but by some quirk of the metaphysical, I've found a way to call you."
"You've forgotten to pack your underwear. Don't forget your undies when you pack today-"

Yeah, something like that. Though if you look closely it all falls apart...

I always leave packing til the last minute and then end up having to rush. Maybe I should go do so now instead of wasting time writing nonsense here...