Saturday, August 29, 2009

So then, what's next..?

South Korea needs to learn how to cook their food. What's with all the raw stuff?? The fish was good - even ate something people thought might've been whale (it probably wasn't, and I hope it wasn't cos it really did taste good). But the raw crab was a bit much. You had to suck the flesh out of the shell like drinking through a straw. And the still live shell fish...... urgh. Oh, and the fermented cabbage - phew.

Glad we had rice wine to force it all down with.

All up though, it was a good adventure; saw a bit of the island, experienced the culture, and discovered the people to be rather friendly (even if I had no idea what they were going on about).

So now then, seeing as how I've forgotten this is a horror blog and have been blabbering on about my somewhat chaotic travelling of late, I might as well harp on about what's next...

Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur to be exact. On Monday. And this one is only for 4 days. That'll make my 3rd big trip is about 6 weeks... (which is silly, really). But the good thing about this trip (apart from the 5 star hotel I get put up in - jeez I'm becoming a hotel slut), is that last time I was there I discovered a cool secondhand bookstore that had a monster spec fic section, and sold their books for the equivalent of AU$1.

Awesome. So I'm packing light this time in order to fill up my suitcase.

And even better? This is my last overseas trip til August next year, and that rocks cos frankly, I'm all a bit sick of cattle class...


Anonymous said...

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