Friday, March 26, 2010

Synopsis update

Okay, so the synopsis is now complete!

Thank God.

It took 4 attempts, 3 severe edits by Paula, before I got the damn thing right. And now it bloody well shines :)

I re-read my first attempt and it made me cringe. Even I wouldn't have asked to read the manuscript had someone sent me that synopsis. Funny, cos at the time I was sure it was a knockout. Proves how much I know.

Oh Dr Young, you think you know all there is to know, don't you..?

Turns out I barely know where my next full stop is.

Anyway, the synopsis is done - well, let me clarify. A synopsis a little over 8 double-spaced pages is done, and now Paula is asking for me to shrink it down to 2 pages, and even 1 page. This request made me go fill up my glass with scotch and take a hefty drink.

Two pages is bad enough; how the hell am I supposed to shrink this thing currently 8 pages, something that was a struggle to limit to 8 pages, down to 2 pages?  Or even 1 page? One page!

I think I need another drink...

The idea is to have a couple of different length synopsis ready to go should an agent request a 2 page one, or even a 1 page (shudder) one.

So it's with a groan that I haul myself back to the keyboard..... Will aim to get the 2 page version done this weekend. The 1 page, well, we'll see...

Meanwhile, the research into the most suitable agents continues...


Rod Williams said...

Hahaha. "I think I need another drink."

I was reading the first part of your post and thinking..."sounds like he's knocking down a few while posting online."

I too am having a drink tonight.

BTW, Was impressed by your interview in STUDIES IN WEIRD AUSTRALIAN FICTION WRITERS #1. QUiet horror, paleontology, and Dimmu Borgir? That combination works for me.


Marty Young said...

Me? Drinking while posting..? Never...

And a belated thanks about the interview, Rod!