Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dragons are real!

Well whaddya know? It turns out dragons really did exist - at least according to one Mike Hallett, discoverer of the Hallettestoneion Sea Zoria Dragons.

These creatures were apparently the biggest (100-300ft) and most advanced marine reptiles to have ever existed on Earth, going extinct around 540 million years ago - although 'latest results' date these beasties at 484 million years. Their teeth were 3 foot long (see below), which would make T-rex look like a vegetarian.

But, er, the remains look like rocks. I'm a geologist so I know what a rock looks like. But that's okay cos it's all about Zoria Repeat apparently, which I don't know about. Once you understand this, you can see things in the rocks. Wouldn't that make my day job fun?

Here's what this Mike fellow has to say:
What nobody is doing today, in the paleontological scientific communities is addressing the real scientific questions related to explaining the origins of the specialized configurations of stones (Seazoria remains). Basically the common school of thought is 'rocks are rocks because rocks have always been rocks". This is the 21st century and it is now time for science to evolve a grater understanding and explanation of why these particular stones are arranged in the exact configuration's of large scale extremely advanced prehistoric sea dragons. Yes it is much easier to to just label the Hallettestoneion Seazorias are rocks but where are all the scientists that want to get to the bottom of the Seazoria prehistoric biological mysteries. The global scientific community should be explaining accurately the triggering event that caused the creation of the specialized configurations.
I can hear my pal Bones getting all excited over this...

There was another fellow, and this is going back some years, who was convinced he had discovered a microscopic race of humans. Apparently he found evidence of them while looking at some microscope slides of spores and pollen. Little tiny humans, all about 50-100 microns in size (there are 1000 microns in a millimeter).

Man, I'm obviously not taking enough drugs--or scotch. Better ramp up my intake...

But hey, I'm more than happy to be proven wrong on either of the above.


Seazoria said...

Hello Darkling Muse.
Bet the last person you would expect to hear from on you blog was the Hallettestoneion Seazoria discoverer. Anyway it is always nice to see and view other posts about the Seazoria prehistoric biological discovery. Whether the posts are good, bad or other, It is actually kind of a compliment in an off beat kind of way. This journey of discovery has encompassed and consumed more than 20,000 hours of my life. Finally there is vindication for all that hard work. The discovery has finally attracted the attention of paleo scientists that are now hard at work in the laboratory learning much scientific biological information through comprehensive paleo testing and analysis. Perhaps as a Geologist you would be better served through direct contact with the individuals and laboratories currently working on the Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria biological specimens. The scientists could relate with you in technical terms. As a discoverer and field researcher the hyper technical information learned through laboratory testing and confirmation is somewhat new to me and I really have not figured out how to incorporate the biological confirmation detail into my Seazoria discovery writing yet. A lot of the questions that you have regarding laboratory testing and biological confirmation processes could be answered by scientists (paleontologists and geologists) working on Seazoria biology. The has a point of contact on the homepage. Should you have an interest in learning about the prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria discovery you may contact through the website. Through this process I could forward your request to the scientists working on the Seazoria discovery project. The scientists themselves will determine whether they wish to release Seazoria lab testing results and scientific understanding information.
Mike Hallett
Hallettestoneion Research Project. Utah USA.

Marty Young said...
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Marty Young said...

Hi Mike,

I may just take you up on that offer and get in touch with the scientists working on your finds. As a geologist (and as a writer), I'd love confirmation of these discoveries. Any chance of the lab results being published in a peer-reviewed journal soon?

Anonymous said...

Being kind to this individual may make his delusions worse. He recently tried to get Utah's State Paleontologist fired for not taking his pseudo fossils seriously.

Marty Young said...

Perhaps that's true, Anonymous. But then many things seem delusional until they're proven (the Earth orbiting the sun, plate tectonics etc). But while I like to keep an open mind, I do seriously doubt this discovery...

Trying to get people fired is pretty low, too. Not a good way to build credibility.