Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pack up yer bags...

...cos I'm moving.

This blog will no longer be updated as my new one, Screaming Ink, has kicked into life (we had to drag it from the bowels of hell so it's not impressed at being thrust under the spotlight, but we have it well chained down so it's not going anywhere).

Screaming Ink is a consortium of the imaginarium, a group blog set up with AJ Spedding, Mark Farrugia, Juliet Bathory, Dave Schembri, and myself. We're all just that little bit wacky so we get along fine--plus they're a talented bunch so I figured I should ride along on their coattails and live off their success :)

We've got some big plans this year, some exciting announcements to make (but not allowed to for a few months), and some even bigger crazy plans I haven't spoken to anyone about yet... So stay tuned, grab your gear, and head on over to the new place. There'll be free scotch on arrival (but you'll have to pour it yourself. From your own bottle).

Oh, and while you're at it, check out my all new website: - it's still being built with some wild artwork to come from Big D, but I think it's starting to look all right.