Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank you for the recognition

I found a cool surprise waiting for me in my inbox when I got back from the jungles of PNG the other week: I had been nominated for a Ditmar!

As it says on the Australian Ditmar Awards website, 'The Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards, or Ditmars, are awarded by Australia's National Science Fiction Convention and are voted on by members of that convention. They are thus a popularity award representing the choice of Australian science fiction fandom.'

I've been nominated in the category of Fan Achievement for my work establishing and promoting the Australian Horror Writers Association.

So thank you, to those who voted for me. You guys rock.

But my name shouldn't be the only one up there. Carl has been here from the start as well, and is responsible for much of the admin work; he's the nuts and bolts guy, an invaluable member who has put in stacks of time over the years (he's also a cool vampire artist!). James, Kim, Mick, Kirstyn, Angela, Shane, David, Ian, Chris, Brian, Talie, Andrew - this is recognition for all the work these kids have done or are still doing.

The AHWA wouldn't exist without such a team effort, so thank you guys, for all we have achieved. We're not done yet, though, not by a long shot...

It's also great to see Angela up there for Brimstone Press , and Edwina Grey for Prismatic, Brett for Mother, Will for the mad clowns, Martin and his Carnies - aw gees, so many horror lads and ladies have been nominated, it's so good to see!

In case you haven't seen the list, check it out here.

Oh-oh, that shifty sideshow freak is approaching from behind, and he's looking anxious to get back into the writing after several weeks off, so....


Andrew McKiernan said...

I know there are lots of others behind the scenes at AHWA, Marty. But, you're the President so you get to take ALL the blame :)

You definitely deserve the nomination! And thanks for the mention, but I wouldn't be able to help out at all if you hadn't started the ball rolling.