Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going under...

I've got it!

My sights have found their target and thus the fun begins. I'm a'huntin' wabbits- er, reptilians!

That's right; Reptilian Humanoids (do a Google search and you will find a whole stack of info on what they are).

See, it compliments my days spent working as a scientist by keeping my research skills fine-tuned, plus it balances my need to write fiction by letting me delve into something surreal and fantastical.

I've already written a novel based on these things, but that novel has turned into an unwritten trilogy, so this 'hunt' can also be considered necessary research.

But more than that, I'm just plain intrigued by the idea of a race of advanced humanoid reptiles living beneath the ground. Beings that have infiltrated our society, creatures that have appeared in all manner of cultures right across the world pretty much from human day dot.

So this isn't pure Crazy Doc nonsense. There is a logic behind my methodical madness. I'll start my investigation this weekend, and will post regular updates here as I find curious facts or, just imagine, sightings! Heh-heh. But don't imagine this will be wrapped up anytime soon; it's going to take a while.

Plus I've got a novel to finish! 809 Jacob - it's so, oh so close to being finished. I'm writing the ending now. And it rocks, even if I do say so myself. I just really like the story; it feels whole. It feels right. The ending formed itself and no matter how many times I rewrote one of the key scenes towards the end, I kept being led to the same conclusion. It's the natural conclusion to the story, and certainly an ending I didn't suspect half way through.

Funny how your characters take control...