Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On closer inspection...

So if I wanted to hunt down a faery, goblin, vampire or werewolf, how would I go about it?

Such tasks always look insurmountable to begin with. Fortunately I've completed a PhD, and THAT looked impossible when I started too, so I have experience with the insurmountable. You just need to find a starting point, and then, with one eye on the end, start taking those baby steps. Don't think about the miles in-between.

But the biggest problem here is, do such things actually exist, or are they simply the imaginations of a superstitious, ignorant mind?

In this day and age, with the facilities so readily at our disposal, it should be possible to find out.

This world of ours is intriguing. So many, many people believe in monsters and ghosts, aliens and devils, that you have to wonder if there isn't some inkling of truth to it all. The other option is a little too frightening; life is too bland for us.

We need, crave the emotions believing in monsters gives us. The fear, wonder, excitement. The danger.

Maybe we need to believe because it makes us feel alive. It lets us appreciate our own existence more. The idea that one day we might accidentally stumble over something surreal and then we'll know there is more to the world than we're led to believe. That there is magic in the world.

So then. Where's my starting point?

I guess I need to determine what I'm going to hunt...


Brian G Ross said...

I would rather we didn't find out the reality of it. It's a bit like magic. Once you know how the trick works, it loses a lot of its value.

But good luck huntin' wabbits!


Marty Young said...

That's true, but then I always hope it's going to be so much better once I know the truth.

Kinda like an iceberg. I imagine we're only just touching the tip of it all.

Hunting wabbits :) Heh-heh.