Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kill Santa

I should've posted this a lot earlier (sorry Steve), but let's go turn Christmas dark and spooky...

Tasmaniac Publications (and aint that just a cool name??) are accepting submissions from January 1st to June 30th 2009 for FESTIVE FEAR, the annual that showcases a darker, more sinister side of Christmas.

As it says on their website, 'Tasmaniac Publications announce the launch of an annual series, Festive Fear, in which we invite Australian writers to offer horror stories based within a ‘Christmas down under’ theme.'

So c'mon, let's take over Christmas and scare the b'jesus outta all those pesky wee elves... Heh-heh, let's terrorize the kids, too :)

"Santa? Oh Santa. No Johnny, you don't want to write a letter to Santa. It's best he doesn't know you even exist. Trust me there. That big ol' fat man sneaking into our house late at night? No, you really don't want that at all..."