Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Year's Best (late, I know, but then that's me)

Yay! Just received -- well, okay, it turned up last week -- Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror volume 3, in which my wee tale 'The Wildflowers' appears.

ADF&H is the year's best Australian short stories, so to have my story reprinted here is way cool bananas! I'm stoked, very chuffed. I appear alongside some elite company- Rick Kennett, Deborah Biancotti, David Conyers, Sean Williams, Martin Livings - the list goes on!

'The Wildflowers' first appeared in Fantastic Wonder Stories (Ticonderoga, 2007). It's a great anthology, one well worth buying. But ADF&H volume 3 is what we're talkin' about right now, and you really, really, oughta get a copy of this, too.

Go me!


Catherine J Gardner said...


BT said...

Only running a little late!

Mind you, it's been sitting on my shelf for a while now as well - really must read an review before the next volume comes out this time.

Congratulations on the inclusion. Well deserved.

Brian G Ross said...

That's a cool hit for you, Marty. Well done.


Marty Young said...

Thanks Catherine, BT, and Brian!

And yeah BT, I know, I know... But I am a geologist, so these 'days' don't really work in my world...

(how's that for an excuse??)